domingo, 12 de julho de 2009

Churchill e a percepção dos perigos do socialismo

in The Blair Years - Extracts from the Alaistar Campbell Diaries

"Tuesday, July 8.

Madrid, NATO summit. Unbelievably gorgeous hostesses. During the break, it became clear that Clinton and Tony Blair felt exactly the same. There was a bizarre scene during a break, in the Gents. Several leaders, including Clinton, Tony Blair, Prodi, Kok and Kohl, where all having a pee in a row of stand-up urinals. Clinton turned around and said "isn't this the greatest picture that was never taken?". Blair told him told the story of the time Churchill moved away from Attlee (primeiro-ministro trabalhista entre 1945 e 1951) while they were peeing together. Attlee looked hurt. Churchill explained:"Every time you see something big you want to nationaliste it.""

A prudent man, Sir Wiston Churchill...

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